My Travelogue-Prague

I bought Flixbus ticket for Frankfurt to Prague for about 40 Euros. I have to tell you, the view was absolutely breathtaking. From frozen lakes to high-end cars, it was simply mesmerizing.  img_9080

I reached the Praha-florenc bus station at 13:30. Since I was travelling on a budget, I walked a mile to the hotel, dragging my luggage (trolley bag) all along. The festive season was on, and the old town square was really crowded. The theatre was playing a ballet- Swan Lake.

The hotel I stayed at was- Church Pension Praha, a budget hotel, with good wi-fi connection and other basic necessities. The manager was really cool. He cracked jokes and made us feel at home.


The church and the old-town setting looked like a scene- straight from a Disney movie-too beautiful to be real.

There were Christmas markets which had barbecued meat, antique jewellery, candies, cakes, and majorly, hot wines.

Czech Republic is a part of the European Union, however, it’s currency is not Euro. Their currency is Czech Koruna. The exchange rate is: 1 Euro= 27 CZK. A few shops accept cards, but only if you make a purchase more than 300 CZK. My advice is to get some cash exchanged beforehand from the Praha-Florenc bus station. Also, beware of the exchange shops that say “Best Exchange Rate”, they lure tourists easily. Don’t fall into the trap.


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