Believe me when I say

In life, you’ll always come across people, who will become your best friends, but you’ll end up realizing, all this time, was just an illusion. Once, I was bullied by my “best friend”. I have never looked back since then. You can not force me to be someone I’m not. It is unreal, and uncalled for. Just stop expecting things from people. Love yourself, or be a narcissist for that matter. Remember, “Don’t put the key to your Happiness in someone else’s pocket.” Do you get my point?

Don’t ever forget what your aims and aspirations in life are. They are all yours. Don’t let anybody tell you, that you are inferior. Or you can’t do something. You are worth a lot more than you think you are, my dear. Just emerge from all these complications of life.

Just remember: Life is real hard. So, just believe in “YOU”. Because if you won’t, nobody else will.

When life hits you hard, just smile and say to yourself, “I am worth much more than that”.

Will you?? 🙂


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